Welcome to our Facilitators Area. Tune In Not Out works with teachers and community workers to train them in our Video Production Workshop Program. After completing a 2 day workshop, facilitators will be able to work in their local community to engage young people through the Tune In Not Out Project.

Engage Young People Through Video Production

Train the Facilitator Training

Tune In Not Out’s  Video Production Workshops are a great way to engage young people with technology that they are familiar with, whilst learning about topics related to their health and wellbeing. Find out more about the Video Production Workshops below.

We have developed a 2-day workshop for teachers, community service workers etc that takes them step-by-step through the process of delivering a workshop with young people. During the training participants have the opportunity to take the seat of young people and undertake their own video production.

Each participant leaves the course with a complete facilitators guide, handouts, PowerPoint and access to a mentoring program.

For further information please download our Information Pack and Registration Form.

Train the Facilitator Information Pack

Application Form

If you are interested in attending a workshop outside of Tasmania, please contact Tracey Groombridge on 03 6211 2350.

Check out this video created in the May 2011 Hobart Workshop

Video Production Workshops

A Tune In Not Out Video Production Workshop offers a comprehensive program that enables participants to create a short video using a method of their choice (video, audio, animation etc) on a topic related to navigating life’s challenges. This video will then be considered for inclusion on the website.

All factual information within the video must be correct and developed to assist a young person seeking information on the topic. In terms of creativity – the sky is the limit!  The more engaging and entertaining the completed digital media piece is, the more viewers it will attract..

The Video Production Workshops include approximately fifteen hours of contact with young people plus extra time allocated for research and editing if required.  We have broken the workshop into sessions. This allows the workshops to be delivered in a way that suits the group, for example one session per week or all the sessions over a short block of time i.e. 2-days, allowing for a camp style approach.

Workshop Learning Outcomes

By the end of a completed Video Production Workshop, young people will be able to:

1. Research and access evidence based information

  • Access evidence based information from reputable sources
  • Undertake a critical evaluation of information accessed

2. Facilitate peer learning

  • Prepare a presentation on the topic of their choice
  • Provide constructive peer feedback
  • Create completed short video for peer education

3. Develop basic project management skills

  • Participate in group activities / demonstrate teamwork ethic
  • Demonstrate efficient organisation and time management skills
  • Engage in reflective thinking throughout the workshop process

4. Create short videos

  • Complete a video brief
  • Create a storyboard to guide production
  • Use filming and/or recording equipment
  • Develop interviewing skills (where appropriate)
  • Demonstrate proficiency in editing using an appropriate computer software package
  • Produce a complete short video

From each workshop completed videos will be submitted to the Tune In Not Out Sign Off Committee to be considered for inclusion on the site.

If you are a professional or volunteer who works with young people and would like to know more about the workshops please contact us at crew@tuneinnotout.com.