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Research has been the foundation upon which TINO was designed and continues to be so, from developing alongside current research and conducting our own through project evaluation.

In this section of the website we aim to provide you with research documents and links that may you find useful. Keep checking back for updates or subscribe to our Research and Policy blog or follow us on twitter for automatic updates.

Featured Research Article

Tune In Not Out Literature Review

Back in 2007 the Drug Education Network Inc. was commissioned by the Australian Lions Drug Awareness Foundation Inc. to conduct a literature review into best practice drug education. See below for an overview or click here to download. Please note we continue to build from this literature review and update findings for new publications and applications as required.

Literature Review Overview

The literature review looked at:

  • Subject Background
  • Effective School Drug Education
  • Beyond School Drug Education
  • Current Drug Education Resources
  • Interactive media and health promotion
  • Resource Evaluation

The key findings from the Literature Review were:

  • Alcohol and/or drug use rarely occurs in isolation of other lifestyle factors;
  • There was a distinct lack of drug education resources aimed at the 16 – 25 year age group;
  • The use of technology is crucial in engaging young people effectively.

Click here to access the complete literature review.

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The Research and Policy page contains the following sections

Youth Research

Inspire Foundation

The Inspire Foundation has a very active Research and Policy Department. Visit their list of all their  publications here.

Bridging the Digital Divide

Bridging the Digital Divide is a Youth Action Project and an initiative of the Inspire Foundation that aims to increase social connectedness and civic engagement as a means of promoting mental health and wellbeing amongst young people aged 16-25 from some of Australia’s most under-served communities.

This Report is the result of an extensive research and community consultation phase exploring key concepts around the role Information Communication Technology (ICT) play in young people’s development and social relationships.

Download it here

Mission Australia

National Survey of Young Australians

The 2009 National Survey of Young Australians, conducted by Mission Australia, tested the views of close to 48,000 young people – the biggest group since the survey began in 2002 – between the ages of 11-24 (97.9 per cent aged 11-19). When asked to rank concerns about 15 issues, drugs was ranked most frequently in the top three by 26.8 per cent of respondents, closely followed by suicide at 26.3 per cent and body image at 25.5 per cent. However, the concerns of respondents in this year’s poll were very evenly spread with eight of the 15 issues surveyed considered a priority to at least one in five respondents. Click here to view the report by state and territories or the full version.

Australian Institute of Family Studies

In the driver’s seat II: Beyond the early driving years

In the Driver’s Seat II: Beyond the Early Driving Years is the second report from the collaborative partnership between the Australian Institute of Family Studies, the Transport Accident Commission of Victoria and the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria. It further explores the driving experiences and practices of young Victorian drivers, drawing upon data collected as part of a unique Australian study – the Australian Temperament Project (ATP)

Authors: Suzanne Vassallo, Diana Smart, Samantha Cockfield, Thanuja Gunatillake, Anne Harris and Warren Harrison Published by Australian Institute of Family Studies, April 2010, 104 pp. Click here for a copy.

Alcohol and Other Drugs Research

National Drug Law Enforcement Research Fund

An environmental Scar on Alcohol and Other Drug issues facing the law enforcement in Australia 2010

Nicholas, R. An environmental Scar on Alcohol and Other Drug issues facing the law enforcement in Australia 2010. March 2010

This is the second alcohol and other drug environmental scan undertaken for the law enforcement sector in Australia. The first (Nicholas and Shoobridge, 2005) was conducted under the auspices of the Commissioners’ Drugs Committee of the Conference of Commissioners of Police of Australasia and the South West Pacific Region. The current scan was funded by the National Drug Law Enforcement Research Fund (NDLERF). Access here.

The Australian Drug Information Network

Research Resource !! ADIN

The Australian Drug Information Network (ADIN) website is now powered with new technology to filter through the most trusted alcohol and other drug information from quality-assured websites around the world, saving you time. Visit www.adin.com.au and get the right results every time.

Youth Coalition ACT . Dutch Courage: Young people, Alcohol and Alcohol Related Violence

Youth Coalition of the ACT. Dr Justin Barker. June 2010

This Report discusses the findings of a Project aiming to investigate the experiences, perspectives and understandings of young people regarding alcohol related violence in Canberra. The Project examined the patterns of alcohol consumption, the value, and role attributed to alcohol and violence in the lives of young people who socialise in Civic. The Project used semi-structured focus group interviews and a survey with self-selected peer groups of young people aged 18 – 25 years. YCReport-DutchCourage

Technology Research

Department of Further Education, employment, Science and Technology

Safer Social Networking

A great short snappy factsheet on Safer Social Networking